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Dapper DJ Productions... Created by DJ Khaleel

This Brooklyn native was born with an innate passion for music.  During his molding years, he transitioned to the flourishing city of Atlanta where he attended Morehouse College.  While in college, he quickly became the DJ of choice for all on-campus events and college parties.  What initially started as his after class hobby quickly became his source of income to pay his way through school.  

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree he entered into the corporate world but still never lost his love for controlling crowds through music.  With a "9 to 5" in Banking and Finance, he honed and cultivated his skills by becoming one of the most sought after DJs in the Atlanta area during the nightlife "9 to 5."  DJ Khaleel takes the same professionalism and poise that he acquired during his time in "Corporate America" and incorporates that with his talents to lead the way amongst DJs. You can currently find DJ Khaleel rocking some of the hottest clubs all across the eastern seaboard or at some of the most upscale private functions.

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